5 of the Best Statement Necklaces on Etsy

 I’m a sucker for a statement necklace. Whether it’s covered in bedazzling jewels or made from lengths of multicoloured rope, I’m going to be all over it.

Especially if it’s one that not everyone has. I’m attracted to slightly unusual pieces the way a Magpie is attracted to silver. If it’s out there, goddammit, I’m going to hunt it down. And Etsy is always a good place to start.

Here I’ve found the 5 best statement necklaces on Etsy. Check ’em out.

Big Fringe Necklace

I am a lover of all things covered in fringing, so a necklace dedicated to it completely floats my boat. I already own one in a darker blue and can already imagine wearing them both at the same time. I could go fringe-tastic.

Necklace: Big Fringe Necklace

Etsy Shop: LanChe Jewelry

Green ombre, braided, hand sculpted out of clay and on an antique bronze plate. Sold.

Necklace: Emerald Braid Necklace
Etsy Shop: Bright Floral Jewelry
Oversize Statement Bib

I love me some oversize jewellery, and this necklace is definitely that. The rope intertwines in grey ombre and is adorned with hand-sewn seed beads. It’s a head turner.

Necklace: Oversize Statement Bib

Etsy Shop: Kia Fil Studios

Blue Soutache Necklace


I chose this beauty because it reminded me of a peacock. The mix of blues and purples with the beads and gems is magical. As is the intricate way it’s been made.

Necklace: Blue Soutache Necklace

Etsy Shop: Studio Gianna

Chainmaille Patent Leather Necklace

Gorgeous hand-cut rings of patent leather looped next to gold-colour aluminium. Ready to vamp up a basic tee and jeans combo.

Necklace: Chainmaille Patent Leather Necklace

Etsy Shop: SlinkyLinks Jewellery

Which one most takes your fancy?


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