The Day I Wore Patent White Brogues to Work

I wore my newish white patent brogues to work, which I should point out were a complete bargain,  and received some good reactions. I decided why not blog about it. Here’s what happened.

They got scuffed, massively. Not only by the train but by the opposite foot. I blame my Bambi-like ankles for this.

I got asked if I was a golfer. I’m not but can demonstrate a good swing technique thanks to years of listening to my dad and lil brother, both keen golfers.

Someone asked if my feet got sweaty as they noticed I wasn’t wearing socks. They didn’t but I informed them that they probably did smell.

The made me do a double take every time I looked in the full-length mirror in the ladies loo at work as they’re so bright.

This made me wonder whether I’d be able to see my face in them.

I skidded my way through Victoria station as they have zero grip on the soles.

So there you have it. The inane thoughts and comments around my beautiful new golf shoes, I mean brogues.

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