Want it on Wednesday: My Zara Hit List

I have an on/off relationship with Zara. It’s like that relationship you have with a guy that you know isn’t quite right for you but you keep putting in the effort anyway because you’re too scared to break free. My body shape and their sizing are just never going to get on, especially for trousers. Skirts and dresses, I can usually get away with. However, this season, they’ve jumped on the whimsical, dreamy summer vibe and I’ve fallen for it.

Today’s WIOW post is a greedy one with not just one item I’m coveting but three. I call this my hit list.

The first item that caught my eye was this floaty Printed Dress with Oriental Sleeves. I like the darker colours swirling around, the sheer layer of material, the high waist line and the fact that it hits above the ankles. This wouldn’t be a dress I’d usually go for but I’m in awe.

I then stumbled across some shoes I’d been trying to track down after seeing them stroll past me in Victoria station the other week. I actually thought they’d be designer and far pricier than Zara’s £69.99. I’d happily pay that for these babies.

Let me introduce you to the Metallic Platform Bluchers. These shoes are what my dreams look like. They’re so shiny I bet they could double as a mirror.

Finally, to see us out, these insane Loose Fit Trousers. They’re slightly flared, covered in pretty red flowers and look high waisted. Perfect for my long body.

Just imagine a world in which these trousers and the silver platforms live together. Wouldn’t it be magical?

2 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: My Zara Hit List”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I do love Zara, however after breaking my foot in one of their stores I've kind of gone off shopping there- not their fault, but the memories hurt!