The Pom-Pom Covered Kaftan of Beach Dreams

Did I tell you that I’m getting married on a beach? Ha! Jokes. Of course you bloody know by now! This obviously means I need to buy more “holiday” clothes. Whoops!

When I’m on my hols I like the idea of wafting elegantly around the pool, peeking out from behind big-ass sunnies, cocktail in one hand, while my kaftan flaps behind me in the ocean breeze. In reality, I’m pretty sure it’ll be stuck to my clammy, sweaty skin, as I pour water over my head to cool down. However, I decided it was essential that I nab another kaftan to add to my collection.

And this one has pom poms.


That’s right, the pom poms run the entire length of both sides, starting from the sleeves.

DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!?! No. It doesn’t.

What I like about this kaftan is that’s it made in a light and breezy cotton. My other one is not, hence the stickiness! This one is also tied at the waist and floor length, adding to the glam appeal and giving my very pasty body some respite from the sun, if and when needed.

But mainly, I bought it for the pom poms.

Can you imagine how epic this will look with my epic Pow Wow slides?!??

*Flounces off to pet her pom poms*


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  1. Avatar Charlotte says:

    Well I surely need that kaftan in my life now!

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