How Writing the Highlight of My Day Helps Me Switch Off at Night

At the end of last year I was given the most thoughtful birthday gift by my work partner-in-crime, which has changed my evening routine dramatically.

I am a natural-born worrier. I have anxiety. I struggle to stop my brain from ticking over at a frantic pace. These three things, whether alone or in tandem, disrupt my evening and affect my sleep.

No amount of my Deep Sleep spray can help me switch off if my mind is still racing.

And then Sanj, aka K.O Rasoi, gave me a self-care package for my birthday, and among many other gorgeous things, she’d given me a Review Your Day journal. In fact, she’s so thoughtful she’d even written me a message, reminding me that I’m a total badass.

Now you may wonder how a simple journal could have such a big effect but let me tell you, it has. Because since the 1st January 2017, I have filled this journal in EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, rating my day and noting the highlight.

Again, it doesn’t sound like much but by taking the time to scribble down one highlight it allows me to forget all the crap the day may have entailed. It makes me search for the positive. And it makes me do that every single day.

Those highlights range from receiving praise for something I’ve posted on my blog to achieving something at work, checking another item off my wedding to-do list, or could be as simple as messaging a friend or spending the day with my family.

I’m already smiling just thinking about these things.

In fact, I just felt my shoulders relax and my face soften.

And for me, that’s what I need before bed. That reminder that no matter how shit your day has been, that there will always be a highlight to look for and think about. Because every little thing helps in the quest for self-care.


2 responses to “How Writing the Highlight of My Day Helps Me Switch Off at Night”

  1. Avatar Sanj says:

    Woohoo! You ARE a total badass and you should remember it every day! Even when a day gets you down, there’s always one thing to make you smile. I imagine Lilly features a lot in it!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Thanks Sanj! As are you. I love ending the day on a high and with copious amounts of Lilly snuggles. X

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