Confessions of a Natural-Born Worrier

I am a natural-born worrier. My dad’s the same, as is my brother. It’s in my genes. I just can’t help it. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because my mind is too busy worrying and can’t shut down. Sometimes I like to worry in the shower. Sometimes I like to wait until I’ve left the house before I start to worry about whether I’ve left the straighteners on or not. All I know, is that no matter how hard I try, I can’t make the worrying stop. So figured, after reading Natalie Wall’s post about her daily worries, why not list the ones that consume my mind in the hope that this might help. 

Although I’m likely to worry that I’ve forgotten something. Which is also likely. See, it’s never ending.

1. Whether I’ve remembered to turn off and unplug the straighteners.
2. If the back door is locked.
3. If I shut all the windows before I left the house.
4. If I closed the front door properly… You get the drift.
5. Having something stuck in my teeth. I blame a family of jokers, a camcorder and a seaweed incident for this one.
6. That I’m not good enough at what I’m doing…
7. And that one day I’ll get found out.
8. That my alarms won’t go off and wake me up in the morning. Which is why I have to set 5.
9. That I’m constantly forgetting something off my to do list.
10. That I’ve forgotten to add something to my handbag.
11. Whether my nails are too long for netball.
12. If there’s dairy in any of the food I’m eating that will cause my IBS to flare up.
13. Whether the Italian restaurant my mates want to eat at will cater to my non-dairy needs.
14. Whether I have lipstick on my teeth, or if it’s come off completely with only a faint outline stain. I’m not sure which is worse.
15. If my IBS will strike at an unfortunate time.
16. If I have my phone, keys and purse in my bag. I’m a relentless checker.
17. That if I get caught in the rain my hair will go frizzy. I will look like a mushroom head.
18. That I won’t achieve everything on my over-enthusiastic daily to-do list.
19. That this blog post is my attempt at self-help for my constant worrying.
20. Whether I can get away with another day of not shaving my legs and going tightless.
21. Whether I’ll regret my decision to take an umbrella to work.
22. Whether my 1% battery will last long enough for me to reply to my whatsapp messages.
23. Whether someone will try to call me when my phone dies and the fact that I’ll never know.
24. Whether it’s normal to be worried about getting married because it used to be something you didn’t think you ever wanted.
25. Whether it’s ok to eat eggs that are past their best before date.
26. If I eat too much avocado.
27. If I eat too much guacamole.
28. That I definitely spend too much money on said avocados.
29. That I’ll accidentally post from a work account on social rather than personal.
30. That my blonde hair is starting to look 70% blonde and 30% grey.
31. That I’ll call someone by the wrong name, usually a mix of nerves and a bad memory.
32. That I’ll completely forget to buy that ASOS faux-fur coat I’ve had my eye on.

And breathe.


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