Why Being Near the Sea is My Happy Place

After listening to Fearne Cotton’s new podcast, I’ve been thinking a lot about my happy place. Where I like to go in reality, or sometimes in my mind, to get away from it all. To reconnect with myself. As I started to note it all down, the words flowed easily and it took the form of this poem. It’s something different for me, so I hope you like it.

The Calming Power of the Sea
I want to live in a house by the sea.
To feel the foamy surf licking at my bare toes.
The salty air wrapping itself around my ankles.
The freshness overwhelming me as I close my eyes and breathe in deeply.

Listening to the gulls squawking.
Watching the dogs bounding after the biggest stick on the shore.
The rhythmic thud of runner’s trainers hitting the winding path.

I want to skim a stone into the sea, watching it bounce over the water.
I want to sit and get lost looking into the waves.
I want the sound of the surf crashing on the shore to fill my head and heart.

The sea conjures up the sweetest child memories of days at the beach.
Crafting cars out of sand.
Scoffing gritty sandwiches.
Staying in the British sea until we were blue with cold.

The sea is where I’m most at ease.
With my thoughts.
With myself.
With everything.

The sea will forever be my happy place.

Where’s your happy place?


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