The Daily Act of Leaving My Desk, Taking a Walk and Clearing My Head

Hands up if you regularly spend your lunch break at your desk, scrolling through Instagram while chowing down on leftover pasta. Keep those hands up if you don’t even take your full hour. Yep, I’m guilty too but recently I’ve been making the effort to fix that, and I’m feeling the difference. 

I was in a routine of whacking my leftovers in the microwave, scoffing said leftovers while browsing property sites and The Pool. I might reply to an email. Check a deck I was working on. Ask my work colleague to check something for me. I wasn’t taking any actual time outside, unless it was to nip to Sainsbury’s for some dark choc Digestives. It sounds pretty dire, right?

A few months ago my beloved work bestie, Sanj, found out that she has gestational diabetes – she writes beautifully about it here. To counterbalance her stricter diet she started having to go for walks after eating, this became the motivation I needed to join.

So far we’ve visited the beautifully impressive Westminster Abbey and admired beautiful doorways and vintage shops – hello pineapple lampshades – in Sloane Square. We’ve watched in wonder at the work being undertaken at Battersea Power Station and followed it with a wander round Battersea Park.

We’ve had a leisurely stomp around the lush Hyde Park, watching a tourist in a stand-off over lunch with a bloody big swan and debated the merits of swimming in the Lido there. We’ve mixed a short walk with culture by having a drink at The Star Tavern where the Great Train Robbery was planned.

We’ve done the streets of Pimlico and Belgravia and admired the pelicans at St. James’s park. 

And it’s been bloody brilliant. 

It’s left me feeling energised, the sun (when it makes an appearance) has been warming my bones and I get to clear the fog that tends to build up in my mind over the week.

A stomp along the streets helps me shake off any negativity or annoyance. Sanj and Gaz make the best company. We talk about nothing and everything all at once. We discuss decorating plans, Sanj’s upcoming arrival, Gaz narrates with his London knowledge, pointing out the places of note. Places we want to visit on our next trip. 

The time out of the office makes me feel revitalised and ready for anything. It’s also made me realise how little I’ve explored the area I work in, something that’s quickly changing. 

Most importantly, it puts a spring back in my step. 


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