The Red Midi Dress That Makes Me Feel My Very Best

This little red dress makes me feel badass. It makes me feel sophisticated, elegant and like I’ve got my shit together.

I peeled it out of the wardrobe for a friend’s wedding over the weekend. It was actually my back up option as I’d ordered a fancy new skirt but ended up sending it back – it didn’t sit right and I need to save for a new bedroom carpet, you know, priorities! I based my entire outfit around a pair of navy suede heels from Whistles which are so sexy it’s unreal. There’s a subtle hint of toe cleavage (something I had never appreciated until recently), a pointy toe and two suede laces that wrap their way round the ankle. They are sublime.

Back to the dress.

It’s covered in a beautiful floral print, has a high neck which buttons at the back, nips in my waist and then falls over my hips to mid shin. And, most importantly, it’s backless, my fave. It moves with my body, glides over my IBS-bloated tum and makes me feel a million bucks.


It’s one of those dresses that I’ve tended to save “for best”, wearing on nights outs, birthdays and to said wedding. What I realise is I need to wear it more, with sequin Converse and an oversize jumper for every day or a throw-on blazer for work. Because when it makes you feel that good, why save it?

What outfit makes you feel a million bucks?


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