10 Reasons Pet Bunnies Are Everything

If you follow me anywhere on the Internet you may have noticed that Al and I are VERY proud owners of a pet bun. She is in fact treated like the Queen of the Coates family and our lives revolve around her. And, because we’ve had her for a good year now, I figured it’s about time I wrote a little somethin’ somethin’ on how she’s so much more than just cute to look at.



Ok, here goes.

1. Bunnies are super affectionate. If you give Lils enough tickles behind her ears and above her nose, she’ll cover your hand in appreciative licks. Stop and she’ll nudge her head back into your hands for you to continue. You scratch her back, she’ll scratch yours. Or something along those lines.

2. They’re mischievous and sassy and don’t you forget it. Lils regularly launches herself from the sofa to our coffee table in a bid to nibble every button off our Sky control and chew her way through our candle collection.

3. If you’ve had a shocker of a day and are in a mood from hell, a 10 minute bunny cuddle will transform you. Seriously. There’s something calming about rhythmically  stroking bunny fluff. As your bun starts to relax and settle into the attention you’ll feel your shoulders relax with theirs.

4. Anxiety who? Point 3 covers this but if it all feels like it’s getting too much or I’m having a massive wave of anxious thoughts, I go straight to Lils. She’s an instant mood calmer. She’ll hop over to meet me, run around my ankles until I crouch down to her level and then push her face into my hand for head rubs. How can that not make you smile?

5. Ever seen a bunny binky? It’s this amazing thing they do when at their happiest and consists of them leaping in the air, twisting their body and kicking their feet out. Guaranteed laughter all round.

6. The same goes for a bunny flop. One minute they’re standing, the next they’ve thrown themselves down onto their backs, before rolling over onto their front for a snooze. It’s adorable and strange and comforting.

7. If you have a house bun like Lils, you’ll be used to being greeted every morning by her clambering up the side of her pen, desperate to say hello. And looking for food. Always food.

8. I love a bit of arts and crafts to unwind and get to live this out every weekend when I build new distraction toys and cardboard houses. And that’s just for Al. I joke.

9. EARS! I’m a sucker for a Dwarf Lop – we had one, Flopsey, growing up –  and how soft their ears are. I love how sometimes Lils will clean her ears and one will get stuck upright. A-bloody-dorable.

10. Rabbits are intelligent little things and I swear they can sense your mood and react accordingly. They will also work out your food hiding places extremely quickly…

Re-homing Lils is without doubt one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

As I write this she’s been taking laps of the living room before collapsing, all the while side-eyeing me to check I’m paying attention. CUTE.


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