Sequin Socks Are a Thing and I Love Them

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I am wearing socks covered in actual sequins. Yep, there are silver sequins ALL OVER my socks. All of my dreams have come true.

This is the best day ever. Even better than that time I got married. Joking. Obviously. Our wedding was amazing but these socks…

First of all I have to give a major shoutout to my bestie Char, who alerted me to these sparkly beauties. Technically I think she sent me a link to the multicoloured version, which are more me, but because I was so blown away and massively skint (wedding, yawn) I didn’t act on the purchase immediately.

What a bloody mistake because by the time I got round to checking them out again, they’d only gone and sold out. However, don’t panic because they come in silver. COME TO MUMMA.

The down side is they’ll set you back £8. And, if I put my grown up hat on for a moment, I have no idea how you wash them. Maybe just turn them inside out, hide them in other clothes, throw ’em in and then hope for the best? Luckily I had some ASOS points saved up which meant I only had to part with a whopping £1.50 which didn’t hurt as much.

Who am I kidding. Of course I’d have paid the full £8. Sequin socks. I mean come on.

God, who even knows where I’m going with this post…

I digress.

I wear a size 5 and ordered a S/M which is somehow still very roomy. My feet look huge and the socks flop around a bit however, I will not let that deter me from loving them.

The sequins run up the front and round the ankle but not along the bottom, which is handy for when you’re trying to squeeze them into a pair of shoes.

I’m thinking I can get away with wearing my Coates slides for the foreseeable future with the addition of these dazzlers. I’ll definitely team them with my red glitter boots. Because you can have enough glitz. I also want to pair them with some peep-toe heels.

To be honest, I may never take them off. Ever.

Anyway, if you fancy joining the sparkly-foot brigade, get your pair here and then hit me up. We can start a club. It’ll be so much fun. I promise.


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