The Dream Anya Hindmarch Bag That Gives Me My Daily Motivation

Be kind to yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Have a nice day. These are my three daily mantras. And yep, I am now the proud owner of this banging Anya Hindmarch bag. Oh hell yeah.

This bag literally gives me ALL the feels. I cannot begin to put into words how much I love it. And how much I love Al for getting it for me for my birthday. And yes, I am super shallow.

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what I wanted for my birthday. Turning the grand old age of 30 made me feel like I should ask for something special, a keepsake, something I can treasure for ever and keep proudly on display – I’ve taken to displaying three pairs of my beloved shoes in a glass-fronted cabinet don’tcha know – but I had no idea what that should be.

Surprises scare me so I figured I should browse for my one true love, handbags. And then Anya Hindmarch happened.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I’d had my eye on a small square-shaped, cross-body bag, which is a little roomier than my Rebecca Minkoff. I’d stumbled across a few that I quite liked in The Outnet sale and sent the links to Al as inspiration. He didn’t tell me anything, apart from the fact that he was going to get me some tan over-the-knee boots, a joke as he knew I wasn’t keen.

On the morning of my birthday he gave me a whopper of a box and in it, this beauty.

Every single thing about this bag makes me smile. The gorgeous metallic blue leather, the grey suede lining, the ginormous tassel hanging from the side and not to forget, my new mantra, punched into the leather in little perforated holes.

When I’d picked my mouth up off the floor, the first thing I did was sniff it. I adore the smell of leather. And then I stroked it. And then I screamed. My dreams had come true.

The bag comes with me everywhere and serves as my daily reminder to always have a nice day.

Fancy getting one yourself? I’ll just leave this link here


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  1. Avatar sophiecliff says:

    Its bloody gorgeous – what a fab fiance you have! x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. That is so totally gorgeous- lucky lady! x

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