Glitter Swag: New Badass Boots

Say hello to these sparkly little bad boys.

I have my gorgeous cousin to blame for these. You see, she found them on Ebay, instantly thought of me and bid on them. And they’re now all mine.

They’re so sparkly it’s almost ridiculous. Luckily, that just so happens to be the way I like my shoes. The more garish and ridiculous, the better in my books.

These tick all my boxes and more. They have an amazing chunky banana heel, shimmer constantly and are guaranteed to brighten my day. I should just point out that comfort-wise, they weren’t built for stomping around London. But hell, they sure look pretty.

So far I’ve paired them with my new oxblood midi skirt and with shorts and tights, I reckon they’ll go with anything. I’m in love.


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