Paul Smith X Led Zeppelin = I Want

Led Zepp are my ultimate rock band. Thanks to my dad, I grew up listening to their tracks on repeat, I’ve read all the books around them and I generally soak up any news relating to them. I’m obsessed.
Which is why I’m surprised that it took me so long to realise that Paul Smith had created a line of epic proportions. That’s right, they’ve printed Led Zepp album cover art onto luxurious scarves to celebrate the newly re-mastered versions of Led Zepp’s nine studio albums – which I also need to get my hands on.


There are six in the range but I’m drawn to two in particular, Paul Smith and Led Zeppelin Faces and Houses Of The Holy.
It’s a genius collab and one that if I could afford to, would definitely buy into.
Find out more about the collaboration here.

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