The Feel-Good Power of New PJs

Last week I felt pooped. I’d had several days jammed with meetings and was feeling a little under the weather with swollen glands and a sore throat – which has now made me bed bound.

I should have spent last Wednesday evening shaking my tush at Zumba but instead I decided to carve out a little bit of me time in what had been shaping up to be a crazy week.

I had a yummy dinner – mince, aubergine, spinach and pasta. Had a nice long hot shower and pulled on my new dragon covered pjs. Then I chilled with my fluffball.

It was absolute bliss.

My new pjs, which remind me of grandad pjs covered in paisley print, made me feel like a baller. I think it’s the satin.

As soon as I slipped into them – which is what you do when you have satin pjs with a pink trim, dontcha know – I felt my mood lift.

It’s always the little things.


2 responses to “The Feel-Good Power of New PJs”

  1. Avatar Donna clark says:

    Love the PG s jo , I am not feeling great either full of cold , sore throat, head ache but had to go to work , the life of a owner / manger x hope you feel better soon x

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Oh no Donna! I decided to stay in bed and see if I could sleep it off. I’ve got the whole shebang and sound like a croaky man! Hope you feel better soon too. xx

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