Gush Gush Gush…Dagmar

So you may remember a little way back in April I did a bit of gushing about Swedish label House of Dagmar….well I’m back to do some more. I received a nice email from Karin (one of the three sisters behind the label) allowing me access to the A/W 09 pics and press release and I have to say, it just gets better….

Their A/W collection is slightly darker and edgier. It seems more grown up, a little more sexed up if you know what I mean. There’s lots of leather, as skirts and skin tight leggings thrown against slinky silks and what looks like soft velvet. Oversized knitted woollens in dusty browns and oranges are a contrast against an all white ensemble.

There is not one item that I don’t love or couldn’t imagine myself wearing. What I really fell in love with in these pics though is the creaminess of the models skin against the colours….

I love the slick structured look of the leather against the ruffled dress and jumper in the two outfits above. Also the exposed zip dress….

A fresh take on the oversized blazer. I’d love to have the confidence to wear just this alone…

I’m loving the plain grey against what I think looks like some silky velvet material in crushed pink…

I presume there is a little shrug type thing over the white dress and I think it looks knitted which gives it a big fat tick in my book…

This collection looks more structured. Each item of clothing looks like an extra layer or shield over the skin. Gushing aside I absolutely love it…could you tell????


4 responses to “Gush Gush Gush…Dagmar”

  1. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    Such amazing stuff!

    My shoes were a new look sale find (£7!!! down from £25)
    I saw them a couple of weeks ago and tried them on, and they were down to £12,
    went back last week and they had one pair left, my size, £7…I couldn’t refuse!

  2. Avatar geisharock says:

    i adore the crushed velvet maxidress! amazing stuff. xoxo

  3. Avatar Robie says:

    wow i love them! specially that long gorgeus dress and the orange? jacket <3

  4. Avatar Breeahna says:

    Ummm…wow! Perfect choice of model. The auburn hair really sets off their pieces.

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