Did a little shopping…

So I went online, did a little shopping and broke the ban!!! oops…

I stupidly decided to check on the ASOS sale and just see if any of the items I liked and had posted about were still there. The problem this time was that I then put the items in my shopping bag…added a few more….and clicked pay.

I obviously got the green skirt I posted about seeing as it was perfect and cheap cheap. Also got two more, a black draped number and a pink tulip one. I find I have loads of tops but never really any skirts to wear them with….
I also got the little red dress I posted way back…the one with the exposed zipper down the back. Mainly because I like the saying ‘my little red dress’…sad I know.
I’m going to keep this short, I don’t want to bore you with pics you’ve seen before. I’ll do a better post when they arrive. Here’s hoping they were worth breaking my shopping ban for…


3 responses to “Did a little shopping…”

  1. Avatar Goldie Locks says:

    ASOS is so dangerous, I have been staying away! But i unfortunatly went to ZARA and couldnt resist this dark green blazer, and the stuff there is expensive… I need to lock myself in a room 😀

  2. Avatar prettyneons says:

    they are definitely worth breaking the ban!
    I like the skirt in the middle, a lot!(:
    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneons x

  3. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I love the pink and black skirts, I can’t wait to see you wear them =)