I’m back…with my tail between my legs…

As of the 31st January I was all ready to switch to WordPress. I had my blog set up, my domain hooked up (it will be back here soon) and a pretty theme, all that was missing was you guys. That’s when the problems started.

You see, I was under the impression that it’d be easy to move to WordPress, but it actually turned out to be pretty painful. Turns out .com and .org are completely different platforms. I’d chosen .com and therefore failed. I had no access to plugins, so couldn’t move over any previous history from this blog. To fix this, I would have had to move to .org and pay for monthly hosting. This felt like more money down the drain for a problem which was becoming to big for me to want to fix.

At this point I had a tantrum (I was nearly on the floor, banging my fists) when I finally calmed down I raged on Twitter. Luckily for me, RedHead was on hand with some great advice.

“…this is a hobby so should be a labour of love, not a labour!”

 Hence the return to Blogger… with my tail between my legs. The grass was not greener on the other side.

Thank you for accepting me back and for sticking by me.


One response to “I’m back…with my tail between my legs…”

  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    You're a sweetie, Jojo. Welcome back!