My 4 Old Faithful Ankle Boots

Ankle boot season is here and this fills me with more joy than it probably should. I adore Autumn. The crisp, sunny mornings. Orange leaves. Hot chocolate. Coat weather. Being able to wear all my boots again. Wahoo!

When it comes to boots, I like mine subtle. NOT. I’m all about colour, fugliness and a block heel. These four pairs take me from morning to night, never fail to put a smile on my face and get loads of compliments from strangers.

The Silver Space Boots
These give me some kind of super magical Bowie strut. There’s something very 70’s about the round toe, the zip the entire length of the front and the square block heel. I enjoy busting out my high-waisted denim flares with these and kick-ball changing (is this a thing?!) my way down the street.


The Red Dorothy Glitter Boots
These are the originals. I’ve had them for donkeys and wear them religiously. So much so, the bright red has faded and the glitter has started to wear off. Sad times. I wear these boots with anything, midi skirts, jeans, bare legs, tights, glitter socks. They can be dressed up, dressed down, it doesn’t matter. They always look fabulous and draw compliments from both work colleagues (they’ve become notorious) and strangers on the commute. These boots are 100% guaranteed to make me grin, no matter how pants I may be feeling on any given day.

They are pure joy to wear and look at.


The Black Velvet Boots
Velvet gives me the feels. If it was acceptable to sit and stroke my feet in these boots all day, I would. Pair velvet with silver glitter heels and you have a serious winner. My bestie Chez gifted me these for my thirtieth and she couldn’t have got it any more spot on. My collection was seriously missing a pair of black boots. Especially those with added pizzaz. And sparkle. But bringing sophistication because I lack that.

The Pink Snakeskin Boots
The heel on these is a little higher than the others, which means these bad boys are reserved for weekends when I don’t need to climb a bridge to get home from the station. Would you believe it if I told you these badass boots were from Marks and Sparks? Well believe it baby. Because it’s true. They make some banging shoes. I mean pink snake print. Yes.

That only leaves a floral shaped boot hole in my collection. Gimme the Gucci Marmont Fringed Floral Boots PURLEASE. And the £900 I’d need to afford them.


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