Bleach Washed and Cold Shoulders

Bleach Washed and Cold Shoulders

I have a tendency to gravitate towards cut outs and over-size dresses, so when the two collide, I’m in heaven.

dress is one that you automatically reach for, like a comfort blanket,
when you just can’t be arsed spending time trying to find anything else.
It’s one that will hide anything, gliding over any sins, and is the
epitome of comfort.

don’t particularly care that it doesn’t show off my shape, or flatter
my waist. I find it refreshing to wear something that just hangs

is the perfect weekend dress, suitable for lazing around the house,
mooching around the shops and curling up in to write blog posts. And I’m
more than happy with that.

Shoes and bold lip are optional.

Get your ASOS Cold Shoulder Dress in Bleach Wash here.

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