The 10 Best Things That Happened in July

It’s that special time where I cast my mind back a month with the help of my trusty Instagram feed, and pick the best moments from July. You ready? Let’s go.

These are The 10 Best Things That Happened in July…

1. Spending some quality time with this nutter while camping with friends.
2. Busting out this old white cut-out dress because the weather has been so damn fine.

1. Visiting the eerily beautiful Dungeness and creeping myself out.
2. Drinking rum while embracing big hair and teethy smiles with my bestie.

1. Finally mastering the perfect cat-eye liner flick – It’s definitely not easy.
2. Bringing back multicoloured animal print with one of my favourite skirts.

1. Embracing the curves with this super flattering maxi skirt.
2. Family time at one of my favourite beaches that reminds me of my childhood.

1. This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Latitude festival and the epic Damon Albarn.
2. Festival fashion, which for me includes clashing as many different prints as possible.

July was all about camping, barbecues, family, besties and animal print. It wouldn’t be right any other way.

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One response to “The 10 Best Things That Happened in July”

  1. Avatar Lisa Kingdon says:

    Can't believe our night out with Michael didn't get a mention :'( or is that because of the unhappy ending?! xxx