Equip Yo’ Self

I have a soft spot for shirts. They are my go-to item as the weather gets cooler and a sure-fire hit for success. You can wear them over skinny jeans, tucked into skirts, buttoned up to the neck or casually with the sleeves rolled.

I’ve been majorly crushing on Equipment for their delicious range of soft silk shirts and feminine prints and whittled my selection down to my three favourites.

1. Equipment Snakeskin Effect Shirt, £305.60
2. Equipment Daisy Shirt, £263.74
3. Equipment Butterfly Shirt, £284.67

If I had to pick the ultimate shirt from the three above, it’s easily number two, the one covered in big daisies. In fact, I quite like the skirt it’s tucked into too…

Obviously the snakeskin one comes a close second but there’s just something so cheerful about seeing daisies, I can’t stop smiling. And that’s exactly what I want from an outfit.

View all Equipment shirts here and let me know which one you fancy wearing below.


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