What I Wore Today: Checkerboard Dressing

For a while now I’ve been wishing that the weather would just hurry up and turn cold already. Today my wishes were answered.

This morning I got to pull out thick black tights, my trusty Topshop brogues and my animal-print Zara coat, which probably makes me happier then it should.
You see, I’m just one of those weird people who loves winter. I like the cold. I love throwing on as many layers as possible and looking like the Michelin man. I look forward to wrapping giant scarves round my neck and pulling on a garishly-jewelled beanie. 
Winter is the time my wardrobe – full of printed, long-sleeved shirts, chunky jumpers, wool dresses, leather skirts, shorts and trousers – gets to shine. 
And I fully intend on reveling in that fact. 
What I’m Wearing:
Coat, Zara
Shirt, Forever 21
Skirt, Matalan
Tights, Tesco
Brogues, Topshop
Necklaces, Forever 21

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