New Specs Appeal, Feeling Confident in My Frames

I’m a long-term glasses wearer. I picked up my first pair at some point during year 5 when I must have been around 10 years old. In my teens I went for gold-rimmed frames, channeling Harry Potter before he’d even become a thing.

I remember being bitterly disappointed when I got the news that my sight wasn’t up to scratch at a routine eye check at the school. I also remember the high I felt when I slid my first pair of glasses up my nose, looked out of our back door and proclaimed in shock that I could, for the first time, see every leaf on the trees in our neighbours garden. It felt like a miracle.

I still feel that same way now every time my prescription changes, which it still does, damn eyes.

I decided on my last visit that it was about time I treated myself to some new frames. I’d started to hate the ones I had and wasn’t wearing them, instead relying on my contacts. I’d had my last pair for five years and despite loving them at the beginning – all dark tortoiseshell and bling from Jimmy Choo – they’d grown old and I’d grown bored.

All my life I’ve gone for the safe pair of glasses. A pair that wouldn’t be too in your face. I didn’t want a frame that shouted “look at me, I’m wearing my spectacles”. I was embarrassed of the fact that my eyes were essentially rubbish and wanted my frames to blend in with my face.

This time I wanted to make a statement and wear a bigger frame. I wanted something that showcased the fact that I’m blind as a bat. Enter stage right, my trusty Diane von Furstenburg with these absolute badass frames. They’re still in my trusty tortoiseshell but with flashes of teal, which draws out the blue of my eyes.

They’re chunky and statement and are everything I was looking for. I’m already glued to them, choosing to wear them instead of contacts. Because for once, I like the way I look in them, hence the shameless selfie.

These frames have the specs appeal. And I BLOODY LOVE them.


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