Finally my cousin got round to posting through the pictures he took from mine and the partner in crimes fashion show. Because it’s been so long I had completely forgotten how good our girls looked in the end. I think this post will serve as a constant reminder of how well it went and how well our friends did in modelling for us. It actually makes me feel quite proud that we managed to pull this all off.

I though I would pick some of my favourite shots to share…..(in no particular order)

Photo credits: Dan Carley


5 responses to “Catwalk…”

  1. Avatar Taryn Andre says:

    the lady with the super red hair is stunning.

  2. Avatar Adela says:

    i love the floral dress in the second outfit! =)

  3. very cute outfits. i love fashion shows, they're always so much fun to plan! xx

  4. Avatar Lucie says:

    Ah, im so passionate about "healthy models" as apposed to the underweight/emeciated look. Its so wrong to have models colapse on the catwalk!

    Much love,

  5. Avatar AMIT says:

    All models are awesome in this catwalk.

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