Rosette winner….

I haven’t been on Etsy for a proper little hunt in ages, so last week I decided to dedicate some time to finding something new and something pretty. I found it. It comes from seller Bean and the Sprout aka Christine who lives in Georgia. All her items seem to revolve around flowers which I love. What could be a better accessory to lift spirits and add some colour to your wardrobe while the weather continues to mess around.

Her accessories are hand made from vintage materials and chains which guarantees one of a kind pieces. She mixes really luxurious, rich colours and folds them into beautiful rosettes.
Alongside necklaces and hair pins Christine also makes rosettes attached to a ribbon which can be worn as either a headband or a collar (above picture). Her prices range with most of the necklaces around $70-80.

I think my personal fave is the Grey Bud Necklace (shown above) which has just the one pink rosette at the side. I can imagine wearing it with my grey slouchy tee. Or over a salmon coloured dress I own. Or to be honest I’m sure I could pair it with almost anything…

I love it when you come across something that catches your eye. The intricate detailing of each rosette is really enchanting….I recommend you have a look at Bean and the Sprout, you never know you might just have to make a custom order…


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  1. Hi darling. Amazing work!


  2. Avatar MARA! says:

    THOSE ARE COOL. you definitely got me inspired!

  3. Avatar ebbs. says:

    amazing. breathtaking.

    Love the blog. Following & adding you to my blog roll. Check mine out & leave your thoughts.

    Peace & Prosperity,

  4. Avatar daisychain says:

    these are so pretty!

    I'm at a new blog now

  5. Avatar prettyneons says:

    I am drooling over all of these. I want to obtain the first one and the last one. Is that greedy? Nooo I thought not lol(=
    Hope you get this comment? My blogger has been acting odd (again) and was denied access to sooo many blogs I follow which sucked a lot!

    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneOns x

  6. Avatar Delmy says:

    OMG I have been searching for one of those forever! I love them!

  7. Avatar AMIT says:

    The rose is very beautiful and the style in the first pic is very good.

    Lise charmel lingerie

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