Jungle is Massive…

I have exciting news, a while ago I went to meet the creator of Frock, an online boutique, for a coffee and chat with the prospect of joining their team as a PR intern. In my eyes the meeting went well, I love Frock and everything they stand for and offer. I am their new little intern, I get to work from home and I get to help with everything and organise my own little project. Exciting. Anyway one of the ‘perks’ of the intern is that Rachel the creator sent me two tickets to attend Pure London at Olympia.

I of course took the partner in crime with me yesterday. It’s more of a buyers event but it was a great insight into how the merchandising side of fashion works. There were what seemed like hundreds of brands (many I had never even heard of before) showcasing their Spring/Summer 10 collections for the prospective buyers. It was brilliant being able to stumble across some unknown names and seeing their goodies up close. We managed to leave with so many look books and free bags it was ridiculous. We were carrying what seemed like bags inside bags…

I have so many new sites and labels I want to showcase but it might take me a while to work through the pile I have on my desk so I thought I’d show you what I wore instead….Yes I took the easier option…
I went for a tribal/ jungle look. Which wasn’t my obvious intention it just kind of happened. I was having one of those days when I couldn’t find anything nice to wear. I have many clothes but none of them looked right which I find really annoying. I haven’t worn this top in ages, it was a great find a few years ago at River Island. I don’t normally wear orange or yellow but the intense colours and sequin detail were a sure winner.

(Top River Island, crochet waistcoat Urban Outfitters, skirt ASOS, underskirt slip mums vintage, yellow belt Primark, gladiators New Look)

I also have a question for you fellow bloggers…If a company were to approach you, wanting you to promote something for them on your blog, what would their best way be? How should they go about it and what terms would you have etc ….Thanks guys


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  1. I was there yesterday! Sourcing things for my boutique! What did you think then? Which were your favourite labels?? I thought a lot of them were really expensive for what they were offering, but there was definitely some beauties in there. I'm thinking of showing my own label there this time next year

    nicola xx

  2. Yes, I really really did, and I hated it. I bet they were more welcoming to me too because I had 'buyer' on my tag. I hate all this pretention in fashion. And the thing is, I've seen it much worse at other shows, and with labels that aren't particularly well established and in my opinion can't afford to alienate customers. If I ever come across people like that, I immediately put them on my 'never do business with' list! It has a suprisingly large amount of people on, haha. I don't know, maybe I'm alienating myself by doing it, but I don't see what's wrong with doing things with a drop of honey, instead of all this uptight nonsense.

    I don't remember seeing Lucy sunshine…will have to look them up. Old Romantic were so so pretty, and the girls on the stand were really lovely too. I ordered some of their fabric rings and earrings too, thought they were adorable.

    It's just too exciting opening a boutique, but it's extremely stressful, I'm such a perfectionist and am so picky about every tiny detail. I'll be posting my little journey as I go along!

    Well done on becoming their new intern anyway…what kind of things will you be doing?

    There you go, beat THAT for a long comment! 🙂

    nicola xx

  3. They're so rude aren't they, it's really shocking, you'd think they'd be on their best behaviour trying to promote their brands!

    I had one man who looked me up and down, and against my better judgement I asked him a couple of questions, he replied, but in a kind of rolling his eyes manner and said, 'this is for trade only'. I was like, 'yes'. And he said, 'well, are you trade?' I told him yes, carried on looking, and he came over and said, 'excuse me, do you ACTUALLY have a shop?' err, see ya! Not that it matters to you matey!
    I assume it was because I weren't over 30 with my own snooty demeanour. I find many people don't take me seriously because I look about 18. That can be quite tiresome!

    The shop's going to be in Hull. Eventually I'd love to have lots of boutiques and definitely be online, but I've found from another venture I've done (www.tattielashes.com if you're interested) that a website is a whole other full time commitment, so for now I think I'll make things available to buy via the blog.

    I'm glad the brands I've chosen so far are getting a good response from fashionistas like yourself! You can imagine it's scary picking them and worrying that I'm the only one who'll like them! Will definitely keep you updated, you might learn some useful things if you do end up doing something similar in the future 🙂

    Your job sounds fun, and it'll be good if you get to have a decent amount of input…I'll be interested to see what ideas you come up with, keep me posted on that too!

    nicola xx

  4. Congrats, darling! How exciting!

    You look fabulous!


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  6. Avatar cody says:

    the gladiators are so cool…!
    the combination is great<3
    thx for the comment!



  7. oooh how excitiing!! You looked fabulous as well–love those gladiators 🙂

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