Red, White and Blue…

Seeing as I have been recovering from Swine flu I have barely left the house for two weeks, so I was especially excited about the prospect of going out to dinner with friends last night. I had got my free haircut Friday (because I had been a model in their hair show) where I had a few inches lopped off as it was in horrific condition. This meant my hair actually looked glossy and healthy. I’m actually ashamed to say I hadn’t had it cut since April but in my defence hair cuts are expensive and I am skint, but at least it’s done now.

Anyway before I got flu, two Sundays ago, we all went to see Nikki in her graduate show where she acted, danced and sung. Her cover of Snow Patrol’s Run actually made me cry…We thought it would be a nice idea to take her out for a meal to celebrate. One of her favourite restaurants is Thai Square in Windsor so that’s where we ended up. Now because I haven’t really worn anything other than my pj’s I thought I should make an effort with make up and everything….

I’m really loving pairing bright red with dark blue at the moment. Something about the two colours together just looks really striking…Plus I love the crochet bib effect on the neckline of this top…

(Top vintage, dress ASOS, belt piece of material, tights French Connection, shoes Primark, blazer vintage mums)

Here’s a little pic of us three girls together. We got really excited when we saw the Ferris Wheel but by the time we’d got there they had closed. I also had to show Nikki’s pink shoes which attracted a lot of attention….


8 responses to “Red, White and Blue…”

  1. So fab, darling! Love your dress!


  2. Love the dress + the jacket.

  3. My favourite of all your outfits so far! Love it. I love red and blue too.
    Such a cute outfit!

    nicola xx

  4. Avatar cody says:

    this combination…wow..<3 love it!!!


  5. I love all things on this outfit.And your shoes too!
    xoxo sweety!

  6. Avatar coco says:

    That sucks that you were ill for so long. I think I had swine flu last week but it only lasted about four days, so maybe not. Hope you're feeling better now.

  7. Avatar FabBlab says:

    Your hair is lovely, Run is a fabulous song, that dress is adorable, those shoes are decadent and I hope you're well now! Swine ful hasn't exactly plagued India as badly but the first death case was reported yesterday.

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