Hmmmmm…Lily Allen as the face of Chanel

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. I’m a bit unsure on whether I agree or even like it. When Emma Watson was announced as the new face of Burberry I got really excited because the pictures of her looked totally amazing, she just looks so stylish and this is also how she dresses and acts in ‘real life’. I was more than happy for this little celeb endorsed campaign because it didn’t feel contrived. Now for Lily Allen I’m not so sure. Just because she’s holding a bag that I LOVE does not mean I’m going to rush out and buy it (even if I did have the money). I aspire to own Chanel but I do not aspire to look/act/or be her.

Karl is said to have chosen her because she is ‘fun’ hmmmmm.

I have grown up believing that Chanel was refined, sophisticated, elegant, understated sexy and meant for the high life. I have an old Chanel ad ripped from a magazine taped to my wall because it was something I always dreamt of….Christy Turlington looks like perfection….

Somehow Lily manages to cheapen it. Making it a bit, dare I say, tacky. I like Lily, I think she is ‘fun’ I just don’t want to buy bags from her. What’s wrong with using models to sell stuff??? Bring them back….please.


9 responses to “Hmmmmm…Lily Allen as the face of Chanel”

  1. Agreed… I'll take Christy over Lily any day!


  2. AMEN!

    I agree with everything you said.

  3. Oh I didn't know this! No way, Lily Allen is vulgar, foul mouthed trash, when I tihnk of Chanel, I think of class, timelessness and elegance, Lily is none of those!


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    Nicola xx

  4. Avatar Laroux says:

    I love Lily, but I agree, she'll always be the prom dress and trainers girl, not the 2.55 and tiara girl. In the place of a model, other Chanel girls Kiera Knighly and Audrey Tautou would suit the rode of face of Chanel perfectly


  5. I kind of agree–it's a bit campy but I have to say, I still love the clothes!! Hope you have a fabulous Friday, darling.

  6. Avatar Yuka says:

    not sure about this either..

  7. Avatar Adela says:

    yeah, i know what you mean. lily allen dosn't possess the sophisticated elegance and class needed for a true face of chanel. karl must've been stoned when he hired her…

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i'd have to agree with you on this. although i like lily allen, i don't think she exudes the kind of sophistication chanel is known for.


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