Black and white…

I haven’t been in a Miss Selfridge shop in ages as there isn’t one near me so it was nice to meet up with an old friend and go there and obviously Topshop in Oxford Circus, after work one evening. I wasn’t expecting to find anything I liked but this dress took me by surprise.

The crazy pattern is quite hypnotic and I love the fact that it has a massive zip the whole way down the front of the dress. It has a gathered waist, flattering neckline, big pockets and beautiful cutout detailing on the back which highlight the shoulders…Amazemant. It was the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

It had it’s first outing last weekend for a friends birthday drinks. I paired it with black tights, my new wedge boots, black belt and necklace-which is also a fab buy from Miss Selfridge…The boyf was a bit unsure about the whole thing…he infact asked why i couldn’t just dress ‘normally’ for once, which I’m not really sure about…

I also apologise for the blurred pics..we were in a rush to go out…


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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I never really venture in to Miss Selfridge, I should, the dress is fantastic.

  2. I very much like this dress it's lovely! I've put a few pictures up from my fashion show so if you'd like anything similar to whats in the pictures, in the 4th picture downwards you can see a white zipper bracelet which looks quite cool dressed with every day clothes, or you could have a zipper cape but I could make it shorter in length so you could wear it over a simple top and it wouldn't look so crazy as the long ones you can see in the pictures. Have a look and see what you think and get back to me. The images are on the right side of my blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Avatar FabBlab says:

    Absolute statement dress. Love it.

  4. Avatar Julia says:

    I love your dress! I have a thing for dresses, or anything, with exposed zippers and intersting backs and this dress has both…perfection! Your boyfriends comment is so funny. Keep dressing the way you do, it looks great!


  5. Avatar A. says:

    That really is fantastic… I love pieces like that, that are pretty from the front and TA-DA! from the back.


  6. Avatar beingdena says:

    I like this esp the back


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