I Caved and Got Me Some Sliders

Last year I looked at others rocking their socks and sliders combo and I felt my skin slowly breaking out in hives. I have a massive thing against socks and sandals, just ask Al, and for me, sliders bring back visions of my dad on holiday. However, a couple of weeks ago I came across these glorious white babies and I caved.

I was tempted to go for the obvious slider, the classic three-striped Adidas but instead I went with these Puma Triple White Sliders.

The good news is I haven’t yet broken out with hives. In fact, it’s the opposite and I now want to live in them. They’re so bloody comfy it’s unreal. I actually think I’ve been missing out for so many years and that my dad had the right idea all along. He knew just how soft the chevron insole was.

I’ve been enjoying pairing them with flirty, loose summer dresses. There’s something about the juxtaposition of the ruffles against the box-fresh structured white which I adore.

I’m not wearing them with socks. Not yet.


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