I Made a Whopper of a Dairy, Gluten and Egg-Free Cake and it Was Pretty Special

I have a mild addiction to cake. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I can sniff cake down much like an accomplished sniffer dog can track down their bounty. If cake is placed in front of my person I have an overwhelming urge to faceplant it. I think you get the gist. However, when you have IBS like I do, the frequency of cake eating definitely slows down because cake is made of everything I should be avoiding. But last Sunday, Al and I got our bake on and whipped up this little free-from number.

It’s at this point that I have to give a shout out to Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes for kindly sending me a whopper of a bag of Gluten & Egg Free Yummy Vanilla Cake Mix to experiment with. This mix takes all the hassle out of trying to find suitable replacements for everything I’m not meant to have. Instead you just mix your dry ingredients with the wet, give it a mix (or let your trusty stand mixer do the hard work for you) and then whack it in the oven. Boom. An hour after you started you have the biggest Victoria sponges you’ve ever seen.

We didn’t stop there. We grabbed a tub of dairy-free sunflower spread, chucked in some icing sugar and a drop of the only vanilla extract worth buying, Nielsen-Massey, and you have yourself enough buttercream icing to sandwich between two sponges and extra to eat directly from the bowl. Something I don’t get to do with normal butter.

Because we were too impatient to let the cake cool completely before stuffing it with strawberries and icing we had a bit of a melty situation on our hands but nonetheless, it was bloody delicious. And I ate A LOT of it because for once, I COULD.

Thanks Mr’s O, you’ve made me one happy cake-filled lady.

P.S The photos aren’t the best because all we wanted to do was eat it as quickly as possible #sorrynotsorry


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