I Took My IBS on Holiday and Survived, Until I Got Home

Two weeks up until our flight I was having daily issues with my IBS. I was stressed, tired and constantly chasing my tail to make sure I’d ticked everything off my to-do lists. Yes, I had plural lists. It was a shite time.

We had four suitcases to pack, wedding prep to finalise and about 25 friends and family members to meet at the airport. It was all too much for my stomach. Especially when you add travel sickness when flying into the mix.

I can however, happily report that although the holiday was full of drama (screw you hurricane Irma), not once did I have an IBS flare.

I mean, sure, I had those moments where I’d eaten a little too much spice and washed it down with a little too much rum which caused some loose movements but no bloating, no cramps, no pain at all and no shit storms.

It was heaven.

I felt normal.

Every morning I would put my bikini on and see myself looking back at me in the mirror. Magically, the same would happen at the end of the day when I got undressed. Me. Normal me, would be staring right back. Albeit with ever-changing tan lines. But not once did I see the 6-month bloated version who looks and feels shite all the time.

I even indulged in some foods I would normally avoid at home. I had pecan pie, scrambled eggs (made with real milk), onion, garlic, curries and things that I had no clue what was in them.

And I was fine.

Because it’s all about balance. And managing stress levels. And on holiday, I’m a pro at that. But as soon as we arrived back home, the picturesque scene I’ve just painted all came to a pretty sharp end.

To be fair, there were several contributing factors.

I got bad travel sickness during the flight home and then I tried to do everything at once when I got back. Washing. Cleaning. The bunny. Rearranging a shelving unit. Decorating our living room with all our wedding cards.

On top of that, I didn’t really eat for 12 hours. So no surprise that my IBS kicked off like a toddler who’s told she can’t have the toy she’s after. I got the shits, the bloating, the cramps, the mouth ulcers, the lethargy, everything. It all came back with a vengeance.

All because I didn’t listen to my body.

That’ll teach me.


2 responses to “I Took My IBS on Holiday and Survived, Until I Got Home”

  1. Avatar Nat says:

    Sounds like you need to move on island time 🙂 mmmmmm I’m also thinking i might have some of these IBS situations going on! I can’t eat onion (major NO), milk is not good, sugar makes me bloated and yuk and too much spice bloats me (as much as I love it). I’ve given up some meat but still find sometime I feel lethargic. Need to get on the research!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      I know! Or move to the island! Def go to your doctors – and keep a good diary, noting what you’ve eaten and how it’s made you feel.

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