Mr and Mrs Coates

WE DID IT! On Friday, 8th September 2017, Al and I got married. I became a wife, Al a husband and together we became Mr and Mrs Coates.

Saying all of the above gives me weird tingles and still sounds so surreal. Do you ever get used to calling someone your husband?!

The wedding was epic and magical but not without its fair share of dramas due to Hurricane Irma and then José. Fortunately, we were on the south of Antigua, which didn’t take as much of a hit. The staff and hotel were amazing and our family and friends were troopers while we waited to see how we could pull it off. And we did, just a day later than planned. Amazingly we were able to go ahead with our plans to marry on the dock followed by having our reception on the beach.

There are so many highlights from the day that I want to document properly but jet lag is currently messing with my mind and my bloody IBS and I feel I won’t do it justice right now.  I will however tell you this:

I cannot wait to share our official wedding pics as Paul Mockford did the most amazing job.

Photo courtesy of my amazing bestie, Cheryl.


6 responses to “Mr and Mrs Coates”

  1. Avatar Cecilia says:

    Omg! I live in Florida and had to evacute during Irma. As soon as I came back home (everythin was ok here) I realized that you were in one of the islands!! It’s good to hear you are all ok???????? Can’t wait to hear more and to see the pictures! Congrats to the new happy couple! ?

  2. Avatar Sam Jones says:

    Wahhh congratulations Mr & MRS COATES! Your a freaking Wife! All looks amazing and I can’t wait to see the photos ❤️ Sam

  3. This sounds like the most perfect day ever. Congratulations xx

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