Want it on Wednesday: The Verity Backpack

Let’s talk about backpacks. More importantly, let’s talk about how they make me feel. In the past, I’ve stayed away from the dutiful rucksack, instead always favouring an over-sized tote but this hasn’t always worked out well for me. I’m not a light packer so whether it’s a carry on at the airport, weekend away bag or just an everyday take-to-work kinda bag, I will always over pack.
This results in shit everywhere and very wonky shoulders. Now I’m lucky (I’m still not sure whether this bit is true) to have been blessed with ginormous swimmer-like broad shoulders, which I always thought could take the weight but recently they’ve been failing me. I’ve got an extremely knotty back and shoulders that constantly pop, which is not helped by my need to carry the kitchen sink around everywhere with me. And this is where the humble backpack comes in.

Let’s be honest, until Cara D started modelling her take for Mulberry, nobody took notice. But suddenly now they’re everywhere. And today I’ve decided I want this one. The very beautiful Whistles Verity Backpack. That’s partly because it’s practical and I can chuck all my crap in it before hauling it everywhere from both shoulders but mainly because I am loving the cracked metallic blue colour. 
It’s from my favourite shop in the world, Whistles, which instantly makes it far too pricey for me. But if you’re lucky enough to have £295 in your pocket before Christmas, I say go get it tiger. Just don’t tell me about it as I’ll get jealous. 
Practical (ugh), stylish and all-round genius, this bag is definitely a winner. 

One response to “Want it on Wednesday: The Verity Backpack”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    The likelyhood of me having that kind of money any time soon is slim to none, but damn what a beauty!