Erm guys…do I look like Dennis the Menace?

Firstly I apologise for the number of filler posts I’m about to publish…I have a stack of outfit pictures that I haven’t got round to posting….

I picked this dress up from Topshop. I love red dresses. They always seem to catch my eye. This one is super flattering to with the added peplum detailing around the waist.

Anyway I wore this into work with blue tights and blazer and all was well until I realised that I was wearing similar colours to the cartoon character Dennis the Menace.

I made the mistake of asking my work mates if they agreed…
“Erm…guys? Do I look like like Dennis the Menace?”…….”yes”…….


2 responses to “Erm guys…do I look like Dennis the Menace?”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I don't think you do,
    I'd say more Minnie the Minx 😉
    (was that her name?!)

    Either way I think it's a fab dress and you look great!

  2. Avatar Jowy says:

    cute dress, stripes is a very fab print for fall.

    One Love,

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