Sample sale virgin

I have to hold my hands up and admit, I am a sample sale virgin. It’s not that I have never wanted to go to one…I totally missed out at Angels…it’s just money matters. Or put simply I have had none to get the train and treck it into the hubbub of the city. All this is about to change though and I am vair vair excited if a little optimistic. I do not know what to expect, will there be some absolute bargains, will I get the chance to purchase some amazing item that is a one off????

I sent an email to the lovely Nao at Green House PR who sent me all the details and the pics above. Including this beautiful still from Susan Cianciolo’s film Butterfly Girl.
Nao told me to expect many tresures:

This is why I am enlistsing some help from the friends. Dedicated followers of fashion I present you with the hopefulls:

Sop, the ring-leader, the organiser and the one we are most likely to call Mum. She will get us there in a instant, she is an expert at jostling through the crowds and extremely truthful when you are asking her opion. Plus she has a great wardrobe stash and we’re the same size!

Nikki, the cute one, she is tiny, so small many people will miss her which makes her a great shopping accessory as she can pass through crowds unnoticed to grab the best fashion finds. She is also incredibly loud so we will never lose her.

Lisa, is the bargainista, it is a well known fact amongst us that she wears Dries Van Noten shoes that she brought for a ridiculous £5 each at an Office sale in London. For this we hate her but know she is a dedicated rumager of a bargain and will persuade you to push the boundaries and try something new that will probably cost you less than a tenner.
Note: Lisa can’t make it as she’s at hoo……

I of course have other friends…I just couldn’t rope them all in.


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