Want it on Wednesday: The Patch Faux Fur Coat That’s Missing From My Wardrobe

I am a creature of comfort and I take my comfort in the form of cold weather, allowing me to indulge in layer upon layer of shirts, jumpers and hefty winter coats. Which will explain why, in August, I’m dreaming about making that all-important coat purchase. 

I didn’t buy a new coat last year, mainly because I have a heap already in all different styles, but also because I couldn’t find one I liked enough to make me part with my cold hard cash. Until now.

Naturally I spotted this Patch Faux Fur Coat on ASOS and as the name suggests it’s in a mix of soft pinks, covered in faux fur, is a smorgasbord of textures and completely oversized. And I absolutely LOVE it.

I NEED to try this one on for size. And then never leave the house in the rain.


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