Want it on Wednesday: When Knits and Ruching Collide

When I buy knits I tend to gravitate towards the oversize and chunky numbers. Failing that, I grab Al’s from his wardrobe without him knowing. He has a deep blue number that I really love. This is why I’m kinda surprised that I’ve fallen for this cropped number in a shade of green that I’d never normally wear.

I can only put it down to one factor, the ruche skirt under that chunky hem. I’m a fan of tulle and love how the two textures are almost battling for attention here, the heavy knit with the sheer ruche waves. This delicate rib-knit top is doing something to me.

For some reason I also want to pair this knit with some kick flares for a bit of volume rather than my bog-stand skinnies.

That’s it, I need to go find myself…


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