My Badass Beanie Has a Badass Veil

Sound the klaxon, give me a drumroll and stamp your feet because this, ladies and gentlemen, is a beanie of wonder. In fact, I was first after this beanie over a year ago which means that the delightful friend who got it for me had it for absolute yonks. Now that’s planning ahead for a birthday present.

And for that reason alone, I’d like to give Lisa a round of applause. She has nailed it. Because this is no ordinary beanie. Oh no. It has a pom pom. And a freakin’ veil. An actual mesh-made veil. It’s a beautiful thing and a cream and black wonder.

When I wear this beanie I feel like the boss. I feel as if I should be carrying an old-skool boom box on my shoulder, as I bop along to Snoop Dog’s PIMP. Yep, that’s how it makes me feel.

In reality I’ve been teaming it with my blue Cookie Monster coat. But you know, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Of course, as many of my other beanies before this have done, it’s caused controversy between my friends with my guy mates just not getting it. But then they didn’t get the black beanie with heavy (it would fall down my face, heavy) gold embellishments or the grey beanie with not one but two pom poms. So I figure, who cares, I’m happy and that is all I care about.

PS. Sorry for the poor quality of the image. I snapped this selfie on the train on the way to work.


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