3 Badass Alternative Wedding Dresses for When You’re Over White Meringues

Do wedding dresses really have to be whiter than white? Do they have to be bought in any kind of store, from bridal boutique to major department? Or can I just wear whatever I like, bought from wherever I like?

After another particularly naff experience of looking for wedding dresses, this time on the high street, I’ve taken to looking for inspiration elsewhere and stumbled across these three treasures.

1. Why can’t I take this momentous occasion to finally own myself a bit of Mary Katrantzou? This Favry Printed Cotton-Cloqué Dress is so beautiful and perfect. The colour is just delicious and would look awesome on the jetty where we’re getting married. Plus, the thick straps, tight bodice and pleated skirt is so perfect for my figure.

2. Imagine me looking like a tanned beach goddess in my slinky yellow Guinevere Silk-Satin Gown from The Row. It’s slinky and sexy and would look utterly gorgeous on the white, white sand.

3. Last but by no means least, this totally sophisticated Sabrina Printed Midi Dress. You’ll know that my weakness is anything midi length and anything floral so this ticks both boxes. I’m not normally a fan of a halter neck due to my broad swimmer-like shoulders, but this is so special I’d make an exception.

Go for it I can hear you say but a tiny part of me is holding out for that moment when I pull a dress on and get that special feeling. Which is what drove me to book another appointment at a bridal boutique. Fingers crossed it goes better than last time. Although, lets be honest, it couldn’t get any worse. Wish me luck.


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