Why I’m Holding Myself Accountable to Move More

river walk

I’ve been feeling a bit low and sluggish recently. I’ve been easily distracted and found myself constantly reaching for my phone for a mindless browse. My screen time increased (hello, Instagram) and I found myself working well until midnight.

My health, both physical and mental, is in its best shape when I can get outside, get my body moving somehow and step away from my screens, all of them. And other than Zumba on a Wednesday night, I’ve let it all slide.

I know that a 30 minute yoga practice will not only stretch out my aches and pains, but that it’ll give me focus, make me think about my breathing and challenge me with each pose.

I know that going for a dreamy, hour-long walk by the river will clear my mind, make me feel energised and help to unlock creativity.

I know that both of these things get my heart pumping, get my body moving and allow me shake it all out.

Despite knowing this, I’ve been putting it off, telling myself I’ll go for a walk tomorrow, rather than factoring it in as a priority there and then.

I used to go for hour-long walks round St. James’s Park with Gary, my former colleague and firm friend, and I miss it.

So I’m writing this to hold myself accountable in some way.

To remind myself how good it feels when I move my body. That it’s one of the pleasures I get to indulge in, at my own speed, now I’m freelance.

And on that note, I’m off to lace up my trainers. The ducks need feeding.

P.S I took this picture Monday morning before 8am on my first walk. AND I LOVED IT!!!


One response to “Why I’m Holding Myself Accountable to Move More”

  1. Avatar Roisin Gandhi says:

    I am exactly the same and with the wedding coming up, keep making excuses that I’m to busy to do my steps and get out in the fresh air. Have not been to hot yoga at all for a couple of weeks either:-( xx