Being on Holiday Makes Me Fall in Love with My Husband All Over Again

jo and al at trebarwith strand

Being away on holiday brings out the best in my husband and I. Take us away from the daily stresses and bickering about whose turn it is to empty the bins, change the rabbit’s litter tray or cook the dinner and we dedicate much more time to enjoying each others company. We have time to really talk, to listen, to make big plans, to relax.

We spent 4 blissful days in Cornwall before heading to Devon for a wedding. It was totally gorgeous and we savoured every minute spent together. I started making a list of all of the little moments of joy we had together. Often it was doing nothing at all that we most enjoyed.

You ready?

We had a 4 hour car journey where we passed time by playing our two favourite – well, they’re mine, not necessarily his – games. Higher or lower, you know, the classic card game. Except we don’t play with physical cards, instead I make them up in my head. Way more fun. The other is A-Z of… could be countries, songs, artists, names etc. Let me tell you it passes the time.

Beach walks. I adore being near the sea and we spent a lot of time beach hopping this holiday.

Sheep watching. They were in the field to the left of our seaview studio.

We had this habit of ordering one meal and sharing food. It was a 55-45 split in my favour usually.

We laughed at new memories we created.

We eyed up all the dogs and decided which one we’d want when we grow up.

We stopped to take a seat and just admire the view wherever we were.

We sat in companionable silence as we both read our books.

We spoke a lot about food. What we wanted to eat while we were in Cornwall. When we were going to eat next. Whether we’d packed enough snacks. Whether I could fit in the Bakewell tart. The answer is always yes. 

We estimated how much the houses cost and if we could ever afford to live by the sea. 

We discussed our dream careers if skills were no limit. Him a golf caddy for a no1 pro and me a marine biologist. Just got to get over that fear of the snorkel…

We snuggled on the sofa and watched the sun set over the sea while sipping prosecco.

We greeted the sheep each morning and listened to their bleats and baas.

We got to be the most carefree versions of ourselves. Even if I’m a faffy people pleaser who checked he was ok constantly. 

We were reminded of what a good team we make, as we demolished hummous slathered on thick, fluffy pitta, him handing me the olives, me pushing more greens his way. 

It’s in these little moments that I feel most content.

And it’s these little moments that I crave with my best friend by my side.

And it’s these little moments that make me fall in love with him all over again. And man, I love that feeling.


2 responses to “Being on Holiday Makes Me Fall in Love with My Husband All Over Again”

  1. Avatar Jackie Erickson says:

    I am truly happy for you and your partner in crime! Reading this makes me believe there is a “one and only” out there for me that will understand and be there despite my IBS, anxiety, and all that comes with it. You give me hope Jo Jo! PS. I am so sorry our garbage president entered your beautiful country today. Please accept this American’s deep apologies for that buffoon!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Awww, Jackie, thank you. There most definitely is. Sending you all the love lady.
      P.S I accept your apology 😉