NEW VIDEO: IBS, Anxiety and Me

The one where I ramble on for a good 14 minutes about my struggle with anxiety and IBS and how they both aggravate each other. It’s a battle that I’m intent on winning.

Got any tips for dealing with anxiety, leave ’em below.

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4 responses to “NEW VIDEO: IBS, Anxiety and Me”

  1. Avatar Mary says:

    I completely relate to this Jo – and great to discover your blog & vlogs. I suffer from intolerances and learn what upsets me on a trail-and-error basis. When I have a flair-up it always seems to happen at work in a quiet office, in meetings, or when I’m out doing blogger work. But then as soon as I get out of those situations and on my own my stomach symptoms tend to ease up. I get very anxious too and once you have a flair-up you can’t concentrate on anything else, anticipating the next episode of loud tummy growling. It’s hard but I try to stop thinking about it, relax and drink Peppermint teas which help to ease a little too. So glad (but not, if you get me) that others are in the same boat, sharing their experiences.

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Mary, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Sharing my story is definitely worthwhile when I receive such lovely comments. And I agree, it’s always nice to know that you’re not the only one! IBSis the pits and definitely goes haywire when stressed and vice versa. I’m slowly learning how to manage the anxiety side of things although it’s much easier said than done. Why is it that our guts always want to kick off in the most inappropriate situations?!?! Jo xx

  2. Avatar Hannah Vickers says:

    This is so true. Anxiety and IBS do go hand in hand. Its the worst thing. However some people with IBS won’t necessarily have anxiety and vice versa. I have been the doctors about my IBS and my anxiety, and what they suggested was FODMAP low diet to me, which once I feel I have that under control, I will be able to calm down a bit more.
    To calm my anxiety and IBS I take myself away even if its to go get a glass of water, I then will just sip the water and control my breathing and concentrate on why I feel anxious, or what I am feeling to dissociate whether it’s anxiety or IBS if its IBS I make sure I stay calm as stress will only aggravate it more, and just let nature take its course. Also distraction also works well, if I am feeling anxious and its triggering my IBS I will complete distract myself by doing something different that I don’t usually do. It seems to help me so I forget why I was anxious in the first place and my IBS calms down.

    Your video has left me feeling like I am not alone in this situation, and it has left me feeling that I can share my experiences and that side so its more known.


    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Hannah! Thanks for sharing your tips with me and for your lovely words. You’re right, I hope by sharing my story it encourages others to share theirs and starts people talking about gut health more freely and openly. I never knew what I was experiencing was anxiety, I just assumed it was another part of my symptoms. I really struggle not to get caught up when I do have an attack and I love what you said about distracting yourself. That’s something for me to try next time, if there is a next time! I love how you no longer feel alone, because that’s the way IBS can make us feel, but no that you’re not! I’m always happy to talk ?. Jo xxx