Papa Don’t Preach…I’m Dressing Like an 80s Madonna

It’s that time of year again where I get the Facebook invite to my besties fancy dress birthday party. Every time there’s a different theme to look forward to. Over the years I’ve been a pirate, Hawaiian, Super Mario and more recently, Twiggy.

This year the theme is 80s and instantly Madonna springs to mind. My only dilemma is which of the two looks below I should rock.

Do I go rock/grunge, sporting a messy head full of curly (read frizzy) hair, lace gloves and lots of leather. Or, do I attempt to work the famous gold cone bra and let’s be honest, nothing much else?

I’m torn, flicking between the two so often I have no idea anymore.
The rock/grunge one would be easy as I pretty much have the basics here. The hair is pretty much what mine looked like before straighteners were invented anyway. I have a black corset which I can layer under a black tank and leather skirt. A big black bow will be easy to find as will lace gloves.

The gold cone bra, however, will take a lot more creativity and maybe more than the empty loo roll to make.

What do you think, leather or cone bra? Leave your vote in the comment box below.


One response to “Papa Don’t Preach…I’m Dressing Like an 80s Madonna”

  1. Avatar Sanj says:

    My vote goes for the cones!