Want it on Wednesday: Topshop Animal Print Ladder Back Dress

Everyone has that one colour that they should never wear for fear of completely washing out their skin tone. Mine is yellow. It doesn’t matter what shade of yellow, from the palest to the brightest, it’s just never going to suit me.

In secondary school we had the worst P.E kit ever, it consisted of a yellow shirt and maroon shorts. I mean honestly. As if school isn’t hard enough without having to wear two colours which not only look gross together but also do you no favours whatsoever.

If I ever have the urge to go mellow yellow, which I don’t usually (those P.E kits have scarred me for life), then I look to accessories. A little yellow accent here or there won’t hurt anyone, least of all my eyes.

I never even look at yellow items while shopping anymore. I’ve never felt the urge to try to make something that wrong on me, ever work…

Until now. And it’s all Topshop’s fault.

They’ve only gone and created this little animal-printed beauty. Look at. Take in the acid yellow (yes my eyes are burning), check out the brash animal print and top it all off with a laddered back – I do love a cut out. It’s so me, but yet so wrong for me.

Why is life so unfair (said Kevin and Perry style with dramatic arm swings)?


2 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: Topshop Animal Print Ladder Back Dress”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    What an object of beauty! x