What I Am Wearing… Pleather

I just have to start by stating that this technically isn’t today’s outfit. You know I’m sometimes a little slack, so you can probably expect that one tomorrow, if at all!

In the meantime I’m thinking I should rename these posts to What I Wore Yesterday. Bear with me, there will be some vaguely decent content soon.

Yesterday I was in an all-black mood. I went all out here. Black tights, shoes, skirt and shirt. The lot.

This skirt was a very wise ‘investment’ from the Matalan sale rail. A lot of people thought it was expensive. It’s perfect as it’s longer at the back but has the slightly slutty diagonal split up the front.

 Shirt – Dorothy Perkins
Skirt – Matalan
Tights – Tesco
Slipper Shoes – Topshop
Can I just note how tired I look and how big my eye bags are – shocking!

One response to “What I Am Wearing… Pleather”

  1. Hey there Jojo, I love how you itemized your mix up based on where you got them. I missed going to Tesco for their real hip and "affordable" tights every spring.