10 Reasons Why Finding a Wedding Dress Scares the Crap Outta Me 

I love being engaged, I love the romantic idea of getting married on a beach and I also love binge-watching wedding shows. Hands up if you’re a fellow Say Yes To the Dress addict! However, I am quite literally shitting myself when it comes to finding a wedding dress and shopping in a bridal boutique. I do not want a scene from Bridesmaids on my hands. However I do have IBS, so, you know, you have to think about these things… Anyway… Here’s why I’m petrified.

1. Bridal shops just seem scary and intimidating to me and waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.

2. How the hell do you know who to take with you?

3. Or where to freakin’ start? What shops do I need to go to? How many dresses should I try on? When should I start looking?

4. If I buy a dress early, will I still like it on the big day? Dramatic emphasis on big day.

5. I’m scared the dresses are going to be too fussy for my liking and that I won’t find what I can picture in my mind (and Pinterest board).

6. Once you find one you think looks ok, you then have to stand there all innocent in a white frock and be scrutinised by every family member or friend you take with you.

7. I hate wearing fitted, restrictive clothes. Stepping out of my oversized comfort zone here.

8. I’m scared of commitment – I realise that sounds strange because I’ve said yes but I’m still terrified – and don’t know how I’ll know when I find the one. Again, italics there for emphasis.

9. I don’t want to spend ALL my money on a dress that I’ll only wear once. Twice if we have a party in the UK. But still.

10. I have no idea what to do about shoes. My heart (and previous blog posts) says Manolo but my head says sandals (obvs Sophia Webster).

Please send me tips, good vibes and a beach-ready dress if you have one.

Image courtesy of Rime Arodaky.

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