I’m Engaged!

Something magical happened on holiday that finally put me at a loss for words – Al will tell you doesn’t happen very often – and all it took was one question. And one, very obvious, answer. 

On the second night of our holiday, Al’s birthday, we went for a romantic dinner in the posh restaurant at our resort and finished with a walk down the dock. This resulted in some gorgeously soppy words from Al, some classic lines from me, one bended-knee proposal, a big fat yes and a couple of screams.

It couldn’t have been any more magical and I couldn’t be any happier. And neither could my mum or dad.

I’ve blogged before about how Growing Up Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore and how my attitude towards myself and marriage has changed, I just didn’t expect it all to happen this soon. The reaction from our families and friends has been overwhelming and I’m super surprised at how excited I am to start plan a wedding. You can expect more on that front.


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