Knotted Arm Candy

Every time I used to find a piece of jewellery that caught my eye I would send the links or show the pictures to my ex-work wife, demanding that she put her craftsmanship to work and make me something similar. It finally paid off.

It’s as if she knew that I’d had my eye on a knotted number. It’s very nautical, made with bright pink rope that’s been knotted in the middle with gold finishes. It may be eight months late – it was promised as a birthday present – but it was well worth the wait.
I will be wearing this bracelet all the time, with every outfit I own, stacked with my leather Whistles bracelet. I love having jewellery that is handmade or a one-of-a-kind which is exactly what this is and I couldn’t thank my ex-work wife more. 
Now, back to my Fifth Element DVD, I’ve heard I should take a closer look at the costumes.

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